Nov 25, 2011

Hong Kong FDC on "Hong Kong - Romania Joint Issue on Handicraft"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia

Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Romania Joint Issue on Handicraft

Date of Issue : 24 November 2011

Handicraft from Hong Kong - Dough Figurines (Left)
Dough figurine making is an enchanting Chinese folk art. The major ingredient of the dough is wheat flour. Figurine makers turn the dough into lifelike figurines and paint them to make them more vivid. Simple tools such as a pair of small scissors, a comb, some bamboo splints and a bone needle are used to add details to the dough. The sophistication lies in the manual stretching, rolling, cutting and assembling. Legendary heroes and mythical beasts are finely crafted to be loved by many, old and young alike. Among different designs and themes of dough making is the lion's head, the choice to symbolise luck and blessings on festive occasions.

Handicraft from Romania - Painted Eggs (Right)
Easter is the most important Christian festival for Romanians. Starting on Holy Thursday, women and children gather to spend all day painting eggs in a multitude of colours. This custom is very old in Romania and is a symbol of spring and the rebirth of nature. In old times, a painted egg was believed to have magic powers. Each colour or pattern used to decorate the egg was meant to combat a certain form of evil. Even today, Romanians still believe that painted eggs can bring good luck and protection for their homes. The stamp shows egg painting with melted wax and a pencil-like tool called the “chişiţă”.

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