Nov 16, 2011

Algeria FDC on "50th Anniversary of the Agency Algeria Press Service"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


50th Anniversary of the Agency Algeria Press Service

Date of Issue : 25 October 2011

Algérie Presse Service is the Algerian national press agency. It was created on 1 December 1961 in Tunis, during the national liberation war to be the flagship of the Algerian Revolution on the global media scene. After independence, its headquarters was naturally transferred to Algiers.

APS counts a staff of nearly 460 employees including 300 reporters, photographers and translators. It produces about 600 news dispatches daily in three languages (Arabic, French and English). It uses satellite links via three satellites and also a website dedicated to information and photos.

It is really very interesting to note that there is a mistake in the logo of APS at both the stamp and the FDC cover. There is a point missing in one arabic character of the APS logo. You may see the correct version of APS logo at their facebook website at : Thank You so much to my Algerian friend !

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