May 23, 2014

Latvia FDC on "Birds 2014"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Birds 2014

Date of Issue : 16 May 2014

EUR 1.39 : Hoopoe
- The hoopoe, which has been given the title of the bird 2014, is a colorful bird in the family Upupidae in the order Coraciiformes, which can rarely be found in Latvia and which has the largest concentration in vicinity of Riga: from Jūrmala to Zvejniekciems.

EUR 0.50 : Jack Snipe
- The jack snipe is one of the 30 bird species in the genus Lymnocryptes found in Latvia. In Latvia, it can be seen during migration in the spring and autumn. It is not usually observed in the summer period, and it overwinters in small groups in the western and central part of the country. The jack snipe can be very secretive and difficult to observe.

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