May 16, 2014

Estonia FDC on "EUROPA – National Music Instruments"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


EUROPA – National Music Instruments

Date of Issue : 8 May 2014

Väikekannel and the Teppo accordion are featured in the two stamps.

Väikekannel, the oldest type of Estonian zither, has been in use in this region for at least two thousand years. Its six to 12 strings are made of horsehair, catguts and later of copper wire. The first written document concerning väikekannel in Estonia dates from 1579 when a brawler hit another man on the head with a non-German harp in an inn fight.

The accordion, also called lõõts, härmoonik, korts or põrguorel (hell’s organ), arrived in Estonia with seamen and traders only in the 19th century but became rapidly popular here. Earlier, good accordion players used to be highly popular in case of festivities, such as weddings, and because of that even the date of the festivity could be changed.

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