Sep 7, 2013

Israel FDC on "Festivals 2013 - Etrog Boxes"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Festivals 2013 - Etrog Boxes

Date of Issue : 26 August 2013

2 NIS : Etrog Box, Bezalel Jerusalem, 20th c
This box was made at the Bezalel School of Arts & Crafts which operated in Jerusalem from 1906-1929. Silver, repouss, etched, filigree work and semi-precious stones.

3.9 NIS : Etrog Box, Austria, 19th c
Silver, repouss and punched. The box itself is shaped like an etrog fruit. The top portion of this silver box is a hinged cover which in turn is adorned with a repouss etrog.

5.7 NIS : Etrog Box, Iraq 19th c
Silver, repouss and engraved. The box itself is shaped like a bird, with the wings and upper portion of the body forming the cover and protecting the fruit like a bird hatching its chicks. The matching tray is adorned with an image of a small fish.

Etrog is an extremely delicate citrus fruit. In order to protect the etrog throughout the days of the festival, it is customary to keep it in a special container which usually has a soft lining to provide even more protection. A plethora of different containers, bowls and boxes is used to protect etrogs.

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