Jun 18, 2013

Israel FDC on "Postal vehicles in Eretz Israel"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Postal vehicles in Eretz Israel

Date of Issue : 26 May 2013

Until the mid-19th century, Eretz Israel was a remote province in the outlying regions of the Ottoman Empire and residents had no organized mail service whatsoever. In 1854, when the first Postal Services were founded and operated by Austria and France.

The first stamp features an Austrian Post carriage against the background of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. A postmark from the Austrian Lloyd Agency, which operated in Jerusalem, appears below the stamp.

The second stamp depicts the inside of a mail sorting train car, operated by the Mandatory Railway in Eretz Israel. A Travelling Post Office (T.P.O.) postmark is featured below the stamp.

The third stamp features “The Red Automobile” that served the Israel Post in the initial years of the State (one of these vehicles is on display at the Alexander Museum of Postal History and Philately at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv). A Constellation C49 cargo plane used for transporting mail in the 1950’s appears beside it and an Israel Post Airmail label is featured below the stamp.

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