Jun 12, 2013

China FDC on "Little Tadpoles Looking for Their Mother"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Little Tadpoles Looking for Their Mother

Date of Issue : 1 June 2013

5-1 : Coming across Grandpa Shrimp
5-2 : Mother Goldfish with Big Eyes
5-3 : Mother Crab with White Belly
5-4 : Mother Tortoise with Four Legs
5-5 : Their Mother Finally Found

Written by Fang Huizhen and Sheng Lude, "Little Tadpoles Looking for their Mother" is a fairy tale and lively tells about the scientific law for tadpoles' development by metamorphosis. The fairy tale was filmed in 1960 by Shanghai Animation Film Studio and was adapted into a color ink painting cartoon, the very first one of China. The stamps show little tadpoles ask Grandpa Shrimp for information and mistake the goldfish, the crab and the tortoise as their mother before they finally find their mother.

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