Jun 14, 2012

Slovakia FDC on "International Children's Day"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


International Children's Day

Date of Issue : 1 June 2012

The issue of International Children’s Day (ICD) was chosen from the national competition of students from twenty Secondary Schools of Arts, five more schools with 28 unique designs joined the contest, as well.

In the category of stamp art design, the winner is Radka Hudoková from Secondary School of Arts of Ladislav Bielik in Levice. Her colorful illustration of the cake with burning candles symbolizes not only the celebrations connected with the International Children’s Day, but it is also an appropriate motive for a stamp for greeting cards. In the category FDC and Cartes Maximum (CM), the winner is Ivana Javorníková from Private Secondary Art School of Design, Bratislava. She presented unique design based on the composition of various multicolored animal figures, creating an ICD abbreviation on the CM. The work of Petra Mihalechová from Private Secondary Art School of Design, Bratislava was finally chosen for the FDC stamp, representing children’s favorite animal – a cat.


  1. The issue chosen by the students of the secondary school of Arts is great as we have to work a lot on this issue to help the children's as Slovakia FDC is working a lot on this issue.

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