Jun 13, 2012

Latvia Souvenir Cover - 100th Anniversary of Moricsala Nature Reserve

Souvenir Cover
Envelope Comemorativo


100th Anniversary of Moricsala Nature Reserve

Date of Issue : 6 June 2012

To celebrate the hundred-year anniversary of the first specially protected nature area in Latvia - the Moricsala Nature Reserve, a special envelope and postmark are issued on June 6 - the day of founding of the Moricsala Nature Reserve.

The special envelope and postmark depict a specimen of the rare lucanid beetle Ceruchus chrysomelinus - this species has been entered in the list of specially protected animals, and the Moricsala Nature Reserve is one of the few places where it is found in Latvia. The envelope's slogan is "Observe, learn, protect!"

Another very nice souvenir cover from Latvia. Thank You very much to my friend !

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