Jun 25, 2012

Slovakia FDC on "700th Anniversary of the Battle of Rozhanovce"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


700th Anniversary of the Battle of Rozhanovce

Date of Issue : 15 June 2012

On the grounds of a village founded by some Kosa, a new town called Košice grew rapidly. The town was growing and getting richer, but powerful aristocrats Amade from the Aba family did not like it. They robbed merchants heading to Košice, and they even plundered in the town itself.

The young king Charles Robert of Anjou stood up for the citizens of Košice and commanded the nobility of Eastern Slovakia to gather under the royal flags. Amades also gained a powerful ally – the biggest magnate in Slovakia, Matthew Czak of Trenčín and his armies. The battle between these two armies took place on the plain near the village Rozgony (today Rozhanovce) near Košice on 15th June 1312. This bloody battle caused heavy casualties among knights on both sides, but the royal army defeated the rebel army. This momentous event was also painted by a painter who illustrated the Illuminated Chronicle after 1370. He depicted the defeat of Amades and armies of Matthew Czak of Trenčín by the falling of the flag with the historical symbol of Slovakia – double cross on three hills. This picture served as a theme for the stamp.

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