Dec 3, 2011

Singapore Postage Due Cover to Macau - Return to Sender



Singapore Macau

My Singaporean friend sent a cover to Macau Poste Restante address, for me to collect. But I was unable to collect it. So, the cover was returned back to my friend.


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  2. I can tell you this is an interesting cover. All the Posta Restante should put all together in the Macau post office for people to take EVEN it is insufficiently paid.

    But in this case, the number 6048, which is the number of the postage due mail arranged by Macau post. Normally for postage due mail don't have this number. The postman can't deliver the Adviso because it's a Posta Restante, no need to number it.

    That's why you can't pick it up.