Dec 2, 2011

Latvia Souvenir Cover on "75th of the Brothers' Cemetery"

Souvenir Cover
Envelope Comemorativo


75th of the Brothers' Cemetery

Date of Issue : 11 November 2011

The Brothers' Cemetery is a military cemetery and national monument in Riga. The cemetery is a memorial to and burial ground for thousands of Latvian soldiers who were killed between 1915 and 1920 in World War I and the Latvian War of Independence.

The cemetery was formally dedicated as a memorial on 11 November 1936 in the presence of the then President of Latvia and the government.

Nice souvenir cover from Latvia issued on the special date of 11-11-11. The 10 (Sculpture "Kurzeme") and 50 (Sculpture "Vaidelotis") Latvian definitive stamps affixed on the cover was issued on 29 February 1992. Thank You very much to my friend !

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