Dec 4, 2011

Algeria FDC on "Sheeps of Algeria"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Sheeps of Algeria

Date of Issue : 16 November 2011

The Algerian Post has issued a set of two stamps illustrating the
widespread breeds of sheep in Algeria: Ouled-Djellal and Hamra.

The "Ouled-Djellal" sheep composes the largest ethnic group of
Algerian sheep, occupying most of the country with the exception of some areas in the southwest and southeast. This is the true sheep of the steppe, the most suitable to nomadism. This is an all-white sheep. Wool covers the entire body to the knees and hocks, his head is white with spiral horns. Their long and strong legs support walking for long distances. This is a breed resistant to arid zones; it uses very different highland pastures of the steppe and rangeland of Sahara.

The "Hamra" breed is a dark-skinned animal with black mucous membrane. Its head and legs are brown red, almost black. The wool is white with brown red. The sheep has medium spiral horns. The range of this race is located in the southwest, it is found also in the foothills of the Saharan Atlas. It is considered the best beef breed in Algeria because of the delicacy of its meat and the roundness of its lines. This is a breed highly resistant to cold and icy winds from the steppes of Oran.

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