Aug 12, 2010

Slovakia FDC on "Seven Saints: St. Clement"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Seven Saints: St. Clement

Date of Issue : 27 July 2010

St. Clement belonged to the closest assistants of the Solun Brothers, Constantine and Methodius (Naum, Angelarius, Sava, Laurentius, Gorazd). He was often called Clement Bulgarian, Ohrid, Macedonian or simply Slavic. In the town of Chersoneses, Constantine found the relics of one of the first popes – St. Clement. He took the journey to Venice and Rome with Constantine and Methodius where he was ordained to be a priest. In Great Moravia he dedicated his time to teaching and pastoral work which we know very little of.

After the death of Archbishop Methodius and after persecution of his followers he belonged to the group that decided to go along the Danube toward Belgrade and they were accepted by the Bulgarian emperor Boris-Michael (in 886). After a short time spent in Pliska the Emperor sent Constantine and his brothers into the present-day Macedonia. There in the town of Ohrid he founded the monastery and built two or three churches. He was working hard on the mission work among that-time Slavs and he was teaching the domestic clergy. The new Bulgarian emperor Simeon ordained Clement to be the bishop. He became the first Slavic bishop in Bulgaria. He later resigned and was dedicated to literary work. He was considered by many to be the author of Constantine and Methodius biographies, or at least one of them. He had written them while still in Great Moravia. He dies either on July 17 or 27, 916.

Another nice Slovakia FDC issued on the date 27 July. This time, there is a "Seven Saints: St. Gorazd" stamp at the bottom.

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