Jun 29, 2010

Taiwan FDC on "Taiwan Sculpture"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Taiwan Sculpture

Date of Issue : 22 June 2010

Chunghwa Post issued a NT$25 souvenir sheet on “Water Buffaloes” by Huang Tu-shui (1895-1930). The souvenir sheet is embossed while printing. Huang Tu-shui was Taiwan’s first contemporary sculptor and a pioneer in fusing western and traditional sculptural elements. “Water Buffaloes,” one of Huang’s masterpieces and his most representative work, depicts a scene in a banana grove at the height of the summer: a refreshing breeze lightly sways the banana leaves as five water buffaloes mill about in a pasture. There are two naked shepherd boys: one on the back of a water buffalo, with a bamboo rod in hand and a bamboo hat on the tip of the rod, and another standing in front of the calf, caressing it with his hands. There is another boy, who is wearing a bamboo hat and sitting on the back of a buffalo. The air and posture of the boy touching the calf gives the work a sense of peace and stability, and the intermingling of the buffaloes provides a sense of balance. The piece vividly records a simple rural scene characteristic of early Taiwan. The sculpture is now on display in the Guangfu Auditorium of Zhongshan Hall in Taipei City.

A very nice souvenir sheet FDC from Taiwan.

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