Jun 5, 2010

China FDC on "Wen Yanbo Retrieves a Ball Falling into a Hole"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Wen Yanbo Retrieves a Ball Falling into a Hole

Date of Issue : 1 June 2010

2-1 (Left) : Ball Falling into a Hole
2-2 (Right): Using Water to Float the Ball

Wen Yanbo (文彥博, 1006-1097), courtesy name kuanfu (寛夫), was a native of Jiexiu, Fenzhou (within the territory of present-day Shanxi Province). He served as the prime minister of northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) for half a century and compiled the Collection of Duke Lu. Wen was sharp when he was a child. One day, he and his peers played a ball, which accidentally fell into a tree hole. While the other kids were worried about not being able to retrieve it, Wen filled the hole with water to allow the ball to float out. This story, showing Wen's wisdom in addressing difficulties, has been widely circulated among Chinese people, especially the youngsters, for a thousand years.

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