Sep 21, 2014

Macau Postage Due Cover to Hong Kong

Postage Due Cover
Sobrescrito com Selos de Porteado

Macau Hong Kong

Date Sent: 5 September 2014

Macau Stamp

~~~ Macau "The New Campus of the University of Macau" Stamp (Issued on 5 September 2014)

Hong Kong Postage Due Label
~~~ Issued on 23 September 2004

Macau Post increase the postage rate, starting from 25 June 2014. On the cover, I just affixed a "The New Campus of the University of Macau" stamp of 2 Patacas out of the normal postage of 3 Patacas. On 18 September, I went to the GPO to get the mail and paid the postage due. The postage due should be : ((1 / 3) x 2.3) + 4 = HK$4.8. On the cover, you can see the round-shaped T 1.00/3.00 postmark from Macau and a Hong Kong "To Pay" chop.

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