Jul 29, 2014

Hong Kong Local Postage Due Cover - 2014 Definitive Stamps

Postage Due Cover
Sobrescrito com Selos de Porteado

Hong Kong

Date Sent: 24 July 2014

Postage Stamp
~~~ Hong Kong 2014 Definitive Stamps
(Issued on 24 July 2014)

Hong Kong Postage Due Label (Left)
~~~ Issued on 23 September 2004

Three Hong Kong local postage due covers, with the new 2014 definitive stamps and special cancellation.

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  1. Hi Tommy,
    It’s great to view your blog and see all the stamps you have with you. You have so many First Day Covers! I wish I can have as many as you have, but I am not that active in exchanging FDCs and postage stamps.
    I checked out some of your stamps here at http://www.stampworld.com/stamps/Hong-Kong/, and I am happy that I can view your stamps of 2014 as in the site I mentioned, they still only have 2013 stamps. I shall share with them your site so they can see the new stamps of 2014.