Jul 28, 2014

Estonia FDC on "100 Years Herdbook of the Estonian Native Breed Cattle"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


100 Years Herdbook of the Estonian Native Breed Cattle

Date of Issue : 19 July 2014

More than a hundred years ago breeders started to document production data, instituting the Herdbook. The first animals were included from the Vahi Farm cattle of the Tartu Estonian Farmers’ Association on August 21, 1914. Today the Herdbook means the country breed cattle of controlled descent. The Herdbook includes all the country breed heads of cattle of suitable descent. Starting from 1985 data of the country breed animals are also in an electronic database at the Animal Recording Center. In 1914-2010 10 059 heifers, 1769 bulls, a total of 11,808 head of cattle have been entered into the Herdbook.

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