Apr 8, 2013

Korea FDC on "Memorable Figures (1st)"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia

South Korea

Memorable Figures (1st)

Date of Issue : 29 March 2013

This stamp issue features two late heroes of Korean baseball, Choi Dong-Won and Jang Hyo-Jo

Jang Hyo-Jo is the athlete boasting the best “aggregate batting average” of 0.331 throughout the history of Korean baseball, which remains unchallenged and unbroken up to now.

Choi Dong-Won is the main hero of the 1984 “Korean Series” which is referred to as “the miracle of the autumn” among baseball fans.

This "Memorable Figures Series Stamps" are issued in the form of non-denominated postage stamp called "Yeong-won (permanent or everlasting) stamp". This stamp may be used for standard mail within Korea up to 25g.

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