Dec 9, 2012

Taiwan FDC on "New Year’s Greeting Stamps (Issue of 2012)"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


New Year’s Greeting Stamps (Issue of 2012)

Date of Issue : 3 December 2012

2013 marks the Chinese New Year of the Snake. Each of the stamps features an artistically papercutted snake or a pair of snakes colored in bright yellow and royal purple against a pale-orange background with random yellow splatters. The bright color scheme spotlights the joyous atmosphere of the Year of the Snake.

NT$3.50 Stamp: The long bodies curled against each other in symmetry and the heads pointing to opposite directions, this pair of snakes represents the spirit of “one mind” and symbolizes “warmth and all one’s wishes will come true.”

NT$13.00 Stamp: The snake’s head surges forward, with the plump, curved body curling behind. The snake looks spirited and ready to spring into action. This image represents “courage” and symbolizes “marching ahead bravely.”

NT$12.00 Souvenir Sheet: With its upper body standing erect and the head tilting to one side to face its curved tail, this snake signifies “mettle,” and reflects the spirit of “sprightliness and “everything goes according to one’s wishes.”

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