Dec 23, 2012

Israel FDC on "The High Priest's Breastplate"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


The High Priest's Breastplate

Date of Issue : 12 December 2012

The mini souvenir leaf features the High Priest against the background of the magnificent Holy Temple built by King Herod and the city of Jerusalem in the latter part of the Second Temple period. The image of Jerusalem is based on the model designed by the late Prof. Michael Avi-Yonah in the 1960’s which is now permanently displayed at the Israel Museum. To the right is the large area housing the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple and to the left, behind the image of the High Priest, is the lower city. The red roofs of the luxurious upper city houses can be seen clearly, located in the area where the Jewish Quarter of the Old City now stands.

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