Sep 16, 2012

Taiwan FDC on "Teas of Taiwan"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Teas of Taiwan

Date of Issue : 12 September 2012

Baozhong tea : A lightly fermented tea, the tealeaves have a cord-like shape. The tea liquid is honey-gold in color with a pleasant aroma, and a smooth, refreshing taste. It is grown primarily in Pinglin, Shiding in New Taipei City and Wenshan, Nangang in Taipei City. The backdrop of the stamp is set against the Pinglin Tea Museum.

Tieguanyin tea : A partially fermented tea, Tieguanyin is more oxidized than Oolongs. The tealeaves are rolled into miniature balls, and the tea liquid is amber in color, with a slightly acidic and fruity zest; it is mellow, sweet and smooth to the taste. Tieguanyin is produced primarily in Muzha in Taipei City. The Maokong Gondola is the backdrop of the design.

Black tea : A fully fermented variety, the tealeaves come in tiny strips and crushed shreds. The tea liquid is a beautiful reddish brown with a light caramel aroma and rich flavor. Black teas are grown mostly in Yuchi in Nantou County and Ruisui in Hualian. The stamp is set against the Sun Moon Lake wharf.

Oolong tea : A partially fermented tea, Oolongs are unique for their semi-ball shaped or ball shaped leaves. The tea liquid is bright golden-yellow with strong fragrance. Nantou and Jiayi Counties are the primary Oolong-growing regions. The famed Alishan Forest Train is the backdrop of this stamp.

Oriental Beauty tea : Synonymous with White Tip Oolong, this variety is heavily fermented. The leaves are attached to the twigs, with five colors interspersed across to form a flower-shaped pattern. The liquid is reddish orange that smacks of nectar or ripe fruit, with a rich and smooth aroma. The tea is grown in Emei, Beipu in Xinzhu County, Toufen in Miali County, Pinglin and Shiding in New Taipei City. The stamp features the suspension bridge astride Emei Lake in the backdrop.

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