Feb 18, 2011

Israel FDC on "Endangered Species (WWF) Leopard"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Endangered Species (WWF) Leopard

Date of Issue : 7 February 2011

The leopard, a carnivore belonging to the family Felidae, belongs to the genus Panthera, which includes the four species of large cats that are able to roar: jaguar, tiger, lion and leopard.

The remains of a leopard dating back 1.7 million years were discovered in Israel and the leopard is mentioned six times in the Bible and the Talmud as a symbol of might and bravery.

The leopard population of northern Israel was completely wiped out in the 1960’s (probably by shepherds). Today only a small number of leopards exist, in southern Israel, in the Negev and Judean Desert areas.

The leopards of Israel’s desert population are relatively small (males weigh up to 40 kgs and females weigh up to 32 kgs)

Really nice FDCs. I just like them. Thank you very much to my friend !

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