Jul 2, 2010

France Cover - FIFA World Cup 2010




On the cover above, there is a very nice "FIFA World Cup 2010" Miniature Sheet, issued on 13 June 2010. The sheet contains 4 stamps each with a denomination of 0.85 Euros. The bottom of the souvenir sheet shows a landscape of savanna decorated with the 32 flags of the participating countries. Two of the four stamps illustrate with their way football, while the other two represent, for one the Parliament of Pretoria (administrative capital of South Africa), for the other a sight of the Cape Town (legislative capital of South Africa).

I was really happy when I got this unexpected surprise from my French friend. Very colourful design. You would simply love it even if you are not stamp collector. The cancellation were neat and nice too. Thank you very much to my friend.

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