Feb 21, 2010

Taiwan FDC on "Traditional Taiwanese Residences Postage Stamps (II)"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Traditional Taiwanese Residences Postage Stamps (II)

Date of Issue : 9 Feb 2010

NT$5 stamp : The Lin An-tai Historical Home in Taipei (臺北林安泰宅)
First built in 1783, this compound with two courtyards and several side wings is characteristic of the Anxi style of residential architecture in northern Taiwan. It is an outstanding example of a merchant’s home from that era. Due to a road widening project, the structure was taken apart in 1978 and then reassembled in Binjiang Park by the Taipei City Government in 1984.

NT$5 stamp : The Li Family Compound in Luzhou, Taipei County (臺北蘆洲李宅)
First built in 1857 and renovated in 1903, this compound has three courtyards and several side wings. It is representative of large traditional rural dwellings in northern Taiwan. The Li Family Compound has the simple, solid style of a farmer’s home and the stately spirit of a residence of an important official or member of the gentry. It is a historical abode with a strong cultural flavor

NT$5 stamp : The Lin Family Compound in Wufeng, Taichung County (臺中霧峰林宅)
First built in 1858, this house has several courtyards and side wings. It is the largest historical government official’s residence in Taiwan. Parts of the complex collapsed during the 921 Earthquake. They have largely been restored in the years since.

NT$12 stamp : Xiaoyun Villa in Shengang, Taichung County (臺中神岡筱雲山莊)
First built in 1866, this compound has two courtyards and several side wings. It is a home that is romantic, cultural and artistic at the same time. Several later additions to the compound are a mixture of Japanese and western architectural styles. The villa could serve as a museum to the history of residential architecture in Taiwan all by itself.

I very much like the design of this stamp issue.

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