Feb 28, 2010

Israel FDC on "150 Anniversary of Alliance Israelite Universelle"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


150 Anniversary of Alliance Israelite Universelle

Date of Issue : 27 January 2010

The Stamp:
- Synagogue at the “Mikveh Israel” Agricultural School, founded in 1894.
- A group of gymnasts and “scouts”, students at the Alliance school in Teheran, at a sporting event held in May 1936 in honor of the Iranian Royal Prince and Heir.
- The top section of the entry gate to the old Alliance Israelite Universelle school in Jerusalem – “Torah Umelachah”. The gate was preserved and is currently located at the entrance to the “Clal” building in Jerusalem.

The FDC Cover:
- An Alliance pupil in Tunisia by a chalkboard displaying text in the three studied languages: Hebrew, Arabic and French.
- The original “Kol Israel Haverim” symbol, emphasizing the organization’s obligation to mutual commitment.

Alliance Isralite Universelle is an international Jewish organization founded by prominent Jews in Paris in 1860. Following anti-Semitic events, organization members wished to provide Jewish leadership for Jews everywhere. Alliance operated in the diplomatic realm to achieve emancipation and improve the position of Jews around the world as well as in the educational realm, through the founding of a network of hundreds of Jewish schools.

In Israel, Alliance established "Mikveh Israel", the first Jewish agricultural school, as well as schools in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Tiberius and Safed.

Twelve schools currently operate under the auspices of Alliance: one in Belgium, two in Spain, two in Canada, three in Morocco and four in France. A school for Torah study, an institute for Jewish studies and one of the largest library and book archives in Europe were also established in France.

The Israeli branch of the organization, called “Kol Israel Haverim”, operates in the realm of Jewish education and equal opportunity. The Israeli organization supports the Kerem Institute for Teacher Training for a Humanistic-Jewish Education; “Memizrach LaShemesh” – a Center for Social Jewish Leadership; “Morasha” – a School Network for Jewish Heritage and Community Involvement; “Sha'ar” – a School Network which focuses on disadvantaged youth and includes the Historical Schools of Alliance and “Hashayara” – a program that builds educational ties between educators in Israel and in the Diaspora.

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