Sep 19, 2009

Israel FDC on "Honey in Israel"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Honey in Israel

Date of Issue : 08 September 2009

The stamp series depicts the sweet delicacy's journey from the flower in the field to people's tables.

The drawing of the hive that appears on the tab of the first stamp is based on a black and white sketch by painter Anna Yamim, which was adapted and coloured by artist Tuvia Kurtz.

The tab of the second tab features Moshe Lerer as he collects honey with his wife Pearl. The picture is based on a photo of the Lerer family, as he adapted and colored by Tuvia Kurtz.

The tab on the third stamp shows modern hives placed along the edges of a field of flowers. The beekeeper, clad in customary protective clothing, collects the honey from the hives.

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