May 17, 2009

Hong Kong FDC on "HONG KONG 2009 - 23rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia

Hong Kong

An expensive stamp sheetlet! The stamp sheetlet has a special effect. When the enclosed screener is placed over the stamp, some hidden pattern and words would be appeared. Actually, the special effect is rather hard to see. I can just be able to see the special effect under strong light. The top one is the stamp sheetlet FDC with stamp designer, Mr Colin Tillyer's autograph. Mr Colin Tillyer was also the stamp designer of the very nice 1999 Hong Kong definitive stamps.

Just below the stamp sheetlet FDC is a registered mail I sent at the Temporary Post Office inside the Hong Kong 2009 Stamp Exhibition venue on the first day of the Exhibition,14 May. I think the datestamp cancellation of the temporary post office is rather special. It is the first time I have ever seen Hong Kong datestamp cancellation have both Chinese and English post office name : "Temporary P.O.". On this cover, the HKD$1.4 stamp was taken from "Hong Kong Attractions Stamp Sheetlet" issued on 3 Feb 2004 for the Hong Kong 2004 stamp exhibition. I also affixed a HKD$1 definitive stamp of 1999 on the cover because I like Hong Kong 1999 definitive stamp very much.

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