Feb 3, 2009

Vietnam FDC on "Vietnam - Argentina Joint stamp issue"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Vietnam - Argentina Joint stamp issue

Date of Issue : 25 Oct 2008

Value (2-1), denomination of 800d: Floss Silk Tree
Considered one of the most beautiful trees in the world, the Floss Silk Tree is a species of deciduous tropical plant from Argentina and Brazil. It is resistant to drought and moderate cold. It grows fast in spurts when water is abundant, and sometimes reaches more than 25m in height. Silk Floss blooms in early Fall with abandon. The older the tree, the better the flower display. And with individual trees grown from seed there are variations in the flower colors; more pink, more rose, etc. The fruits are ligneous ovoid pods, 20 cm long, which contain bean-sized black seeds surrounded by a mass of fibrous, fluffy matter reminiscent of cotton or silk.
Silk Floss Tree is cultivated as a flowering specimen tree. The seedpod silk has been used to stuff cushions.

Value (2-2), denomination of 10,000d: Lotus
This is the typical Lotus flower in West Lake of Hanoi - Vietnam. Lotus flowers in West Lake are unique for both their color and fragrance; they are lighter pink and sweeter in fragrance.
In Viet Nam, Lotus is assigned to the set of four seasons "Tø QuÝ": Orchids, Lotus, Daisies, Apricot blossoms and is also the symbol of Summer. Lotus tree has a lot of use. The department lotus flowers are processed food featuring flavor tastes of Viet Nam such as lotus rootstock salad, sugar coats lotus seeds, lotus compote, lotus tea... Lotus tea is a common drink in Vietnam. Lotus tea made from West Lake's lotus flowers is well known with its own unique flavor.

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