Feb 3, 2009

China Souvenir Cover

Souvenir Cover
Envelope Comemorativo


Commemorate Chinese Zodiac Sign Transition

The Year of the Rat ends on 25 Jan 2009 and the Year of the Ox begins on 26 Jan 2009. The souvenir cover shown above was issued by the Shanghai Philatelic Corporation to commemorate the transition of Chinese Zodiac Sign from Rat to Ox. On the cover, the 1.20 yuan "Year of the Rat" stamp and the 0.10 yuan definitive stamp was cancelled at 24:00 of 25 Jan 2009, while the 1.20 yuan "Year of the Ox" stamp was cancelled at 00:00 of 26 Jan 2009 (the postmark is a little bit unclear, but I could still able to see the time and date on it)

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