Jan 12, 2009

Indonesia FDC on "The Small Outermost Island"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


The Small Outermost Islands

Date of Issue : 13 Dec 2008

1/4 Damar Island
Damar Island or commonly named by local people as Tokongatap is part of Anambas Islands located at Natuna Sea and bordering on Malaysia. This island is part of Jemaja District, Natuna Town, Kepulauan Riau Province. Beside of its fish resource richness, water area around Damar Island is knowned as a location of 4 sinking ship containing precious historical goods.

2/4 Sebatik Island
Sebatik island is divided into 2 territories, one part under the Republic of Indonesia while other under Malaysia. Sebatik is the farthest district at the east of nunukan Town, East Kalimantan province consisting 4 villages, namely Tanjung Karang, Pancang, Sungai Nyamuk, Tanjung Aru and Setabu. The weather is generally hot around 28.8 oC, the lowest temperature 22.9 oC in August whilw the hottest 33.0 oC strikes in April.

3/4 Batubawaikang Island
Batuwaikang Island is one the farthest islands at the north of Sulawesi bordering of the Philippines. This vertically stab of stone shaped island is part of Kawio Islands. The island is located at the north of Sangihe Island anf the northeast of Marore Island. Batubawaikang is part of North Tabukan Dostrict, Sangihe Town, North Sulawesi Province. The weather around the island is highly changing in short times. In northern wind seasons, the speed of wind can reach 40 miles per hour causing high wave that even a big ship can not passed this waterfront.

4/4 Bras Island
Bras Island is part of Mapia Islands bordering on the Republic of Palau. This island is 390 miles away from Babelthuap island (the Republic of Palau). Mapia Islands consists of 5 islands, namely Mapia or Pegun, Bras or Berasi, Small Bras, Fanildo or Faniroto and Small Fanildo. The islands territory is secured by Indonesian National Army stationed at Mapia Island. Bras Island is part of West Supiori District, Supiori Town, Papua Province, Sea bio-diversity richness as well as preserved ecosystem in Mapia Islands brings out opportunity to develop tourism industry, including nature, culture and historical site of World War II.

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