Dec 11, 2016

Slovakia FDC on "Beauties of our Homeland: Geyser of Herľany"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Beauties of our Homeland: Geyser of Herľany

Date of Issue : 19 September 2016

The geyser of Herľany is located in the village of Herľany on the western slopes of the Slanské Hills within the complex of the former Herľany-Rankovce spa. It is an man-made cold geyser which sprang into action after the drilling of a new well that aimed to increase the yield of the mineral springs in the former spa. Unlike hot-water geysers, the temperature of the geyser of Herľany ranges between 14 and 18 °C.

It was declared a national natural monument in 1987. Its uniqueness is also confirmed by its listing in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002.

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