Dec 27, 2015

Israel FDC on "Nili Centenary"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Nili Centenary

Date of Issue : 8 December 2015

The stamp features the British warship Managam across from the Atlith shore and the house in the vineyard in Zikhron Ya'akov from where they used to signal the Managam.
The stamp tab features portraits of Aaron Aaronsohn, Sarah Aaronsohn, Avshalom Feinberg and Yosef Lishansky.

The First Day Cover features the house in the Agricultural Experiment Station from where they signaled the Managam. The signals from these houses were by opening and closing the shutters or hanging dark or white laundry.
The cancellation features Aaron Aaronsohn's home on Ha'Meysadim (founders) St. in Zikhron Ya'akov

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