Oct 21, 2014

Slovakia FDC on "Sitno National Nature Reserve"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Sitno National Nature Reserve

Date of Issue : 10 October 2014

The stamps feature Oryctes nasicornis (Top FDC) and Lucanus Cervus (Bottom FDC).

The European Rhinoceros Beetle (Oryctes nasicornis) is one of two species of the subfamily Dynastinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), which lives mainly throughout the tropics, living in Slovakia.

Stag Beetle (Lucanus cervus) is our largest and most massive beetle. It is characterized by very conspicuous sexual dimorphism. Males grow up to a length of 90 mm, while females grow up to approximately 50 mm.

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