Mar 14, 2014

Estonia FDC on "Võru"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia



Date of Issue : 5 March 2014

The city of Võru lies in the South-eastern corner of Estonia, about 250 km from the capital, Tallinn, and about 40 kilometres from the border crossing point to Russia at Luhamaa. The territory of the city covers 13 sq km. The pride of the city is Lake Tamula of 231.3 hectares, the beach promenade along its northern shore and the longest suspension bridge in Estonia (180 metres). Võru was granted city rights in 1784 and the city marks its birthday every August 21. The city got its coat-of-arms as early as in 1788. It features a spruce on golden background. In accordance with an imperial ukase the city got the arms because that tree is very characteristic to the landscape around Võru.

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