Nov 28, 2012

Korea FDC on "Park Hyeokgeose of the Silla Kingdom"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia

South Korea

Park Hyeokgeose of the Silla Kingdom

Date of Issue : 21 November 2012

The stamp design : Gathering of the 6 heads of the village hamlets, the horse that bows to the egg, the birth of Park Hyeokgeose, the birth of maiden Alyeong, the founding of the Silla Kingdom.

After the collapse of Gojoseon, its displaced people moved to and settled in Gyeongju, forming 6 village hamlets. One day, the heads of these 6 village hamlets decided to found a nation. Around this time, a white horse was seen kneeling and crying beside Najeong (a legendary well) in Yangsan (Namsan), Gyeongju. Taking a closer look, the people found an egg there. When they cracked the egg, a boy emerged from it. When they bathed the boy, his body emanated a gleaming luster, with birds and animals dancing, the earth and the sky trembling, and the sun and the moon growing brighter. This is how he came to be named Park Hyeokgeose. After a while, beside a well in Alyeong, a dragon appeared and from its armpit, a girl was born. Named after her birthplace, she was named Alyeong. People built a palace in the western brink of Yangsan (Namsan), and raised these two consecrated babies. In 57 BC, Park Hyeokgeose was coronated as the king and Alyeong as the queen, marking the founding of the country named Seorabeol.

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