Jan 6, 2012

Hong Kong FDC on "Hong Kong Museums Collection - Hong Kong Cultural and Historical Series"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museums Collection - Hong Kong Cultural and Historical Series

Date of Issue : 6 December 2011

$1.40 - Forehead Headdress
The forehead headdress, adorned with pheasant tail feathers and elaborate fringes, is an accessory mainly for female martial roles in Cantonese opera. This forehead headdress was worn by Ms Ng Kwan Lai during her performance in the opera The Sounds of Battle in the 1970s.

(From Hong Kong Post : http://www.hongkongpoststamps.com/eng/stamps/latest_stamp_issues/2011/20111122a/introduction.htm)

Macau Post recently extend its Posta Restante service to Almirante Lacerda Post Office. I sent this FDC to Macau to try the new Posta Restante service. Surprisingly, when I got this FDC from the post office, I found an extra "Return to Sender" chop on the FDC.

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  1. haha finally I found this. well... I guess the people of Tradic thought it was insufficient address (without floor and flat). But at the end they found it was POsta restante and so... you are luck