Sep 18, 2011

Hong Kong FDC on "Centenary of The University of Hong Kong"

First Day Cover and Maximum Card
首日封 及 極限明信片
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia e Bilhete Máximo

Hong Kong

Centenary of The University of Hong Kong

Date of Issue : 15 September 2011

In 1911, The University of Hong Kong was incorporated by the University Ordinance. This year marks an important milestone in the University's history - its Centenary.

$1.40 - The Main Building in 1910 and the Golden Trowel.

$1.80 - The Main Building in 1912 together with the Fête and Bazaar poster.

$2.40 - The Union Building in 1919 with the Main Building in the background. The statue of Dr Sun Yat-sen is on the left.

$2.50 - The roofless Main Building in 1946 and the Mace.

$3 - The 1940s Main Building and the West Gate, together with the inkstand.

$5 - The Main Building and its courtyard as they are today, with the Full Coat of Arms on the right.

The $5 stamp on the stamp sheetlet (affixed on the top FDC) shows the Letters Patent from the College of Arms granting the Full Coat of Arms.

(From Hong Kong Post :

As a graduate of HKU, I very much like and await the release of this stamp issue. On 15 Sep, I have spent an entire day to buy and prepare the stamps, postcards and FDCs, and queuing for cancellation, at HKU Main Building, Sai Ying Poon Post Office and GPO. Sai Ying Poon Post Office (SYP, 西營盤郵政局) is the post office nearest to HKU. The FDC on top is sent from Sai Ying Poon Post Office.

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