Dec 10, 2010

Israel FDC on "Bible Stories : The Parting of the Red Sea"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Bible Stories : The Parting of the Red Sea

Date of Issue : 21 November 2010

The story of the parting of the Red Sea, which appears in Chapter 14 of the Book of Exodus is a key point in the exodus from Egypt:
Shortly after permitting the People of Israel to leave and be free, Pharaoh changed his mind and led a large military force to chase after them and return them to slavery. The People of Israel were afraid and anxious when they saw the Egyptian army's chariots approaching quickly, closing in on their camp on the shore of Red Sea. A miracle was needed to show the people that God's might was protecting them and would lead them to their new land.

It was late evening when God commanded Moses to raise his staff toward the sea that blocked the People of Israel's escape route. The sea split in two and created a path through which the people of Israel passed throughout the night. At dawn, when the last of them reached the other side, God commanded Moses to raise his staff once again toward the sea, which then returned to its former state and drowned the Egyptian army as it pursued the People of Israel.

The faith that motivated the People of Israel to take the risk and walk between the threatening walls of water created by the split of the former slaves and constitued an important and vital step in the process of unifying the People of Israel.

Another excellent FDC from Israel. I like it. Thank you very much to my friend !

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