Nov 3, 2010

Slovakia FDC on "Nature Protection: Muránska Plain - Daphne Arbuscula"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Nature Protection: Muránska Plain - Daphne Arbuscula

Date of Issue : 15 October 2010

The genus Daphne includes around 50 species which are located in Europe, northern Africa and the subtropical zone of Asia. There are three species of this genus in Slovakia. The most precious of them is Daphne arbuscula. This endemic species in its occurrence is connected to the mountain range of Muránska plain in Western Carpathians and it may not be found anywhere else in the world. It can be found on limestone steep rock and rock edges, occasionally on hillwash or in thin pinewoods. On these biotopes Daphne has survived from the Cainozoic (it represents a tertiary relict) during the unfavourable ice age periods because it belongs to precious paleoendemits. The closest species is Daphne petraea located in the southern foothill of the Alps in northern Italy. Due to its preciousness, the plant has become a symbol of the National Park Muránska plain. The plant is 10 – 30 cm high vine bush growing in bunches. It blooms from the beginning of April to June. Intensively smelling flowers appear in 3-6 in umbels, they are pink, sometimes white. The flowers are cross-pollinated. The plant contains poisonous alkaloids mezerein and daphnine. Due to its high decorative value, this species is endangered with digging and treading down by tourists. The mass herbarium collections were made from three locations which led to extinction of one of the locations. The species is protected by law and it is included in the Red list of plants of Slovakia among the endangered species.

A really nice FDC, with the special postmark from the stamp inauguration celebration and the datestamp cancellation of Tisovec town (in the Muran Mouuntains). I very much like it. Thanks a lot to my friend.

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