May 7, 2010

Taiwan FDC on "Chinese Classic Novel 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' (IV)"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Chinese Classic Novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (IV)

Date of Issue : 29 April 2010

NT$3.5 stamp : Shooting An Arrow at the Halberd beside the Gate of the Camp (轅門射戟)
From Chapter Sixteen, Yuan Shu sent Ji Ling to launch an attack on Liu Bei, who in turn went to Lu Bu for help. Lu came to the rescue and invited both sides to talk peace over a drink. Both Ji and Liu agreed that they would consent to a cease fire if Lu’s arrow could hit the little side prong of the halberd. The arrow hit right on target, thus resolving the crisis.

NT$3.5 stamp : Commenting on Heroes over Wine (煮酒論英雄)
From Chapter Twenty-One. One day, Cao Cao invited Liu Bei to his house to have a drink and enjoy the plum blossoms. During the drink, Cao talked freely about the state of political affairs. His declaration “Only you and I deserve to be called heroes” demonstrated his great judgment on others and his own ambition. Cao talked without restraint, while Liu felt perturbed and responded with great caution. The story provides a clear glimpse of their temperaments and characters as well as the state of affairs at the time

NT$5 stamp : Zhou Yu’s Anger at Being Tricked by Zhuge Liang Three Times (三氣周瑜)
From Chapter Fifty-Six, Lu Su was entrusted with a mission to ask Liu Bei for returning Jingzhou. Zhuge Liang saw through the scheme and prepared appropriately. “It is hard to defeat the enemy when he is too strong and our calculations always come to naught in the end,” Zhou Yu lamented. He would die in remorse, not having fulfilled his expectations..

NT$20 stamp : Holding Meng Huo Captive Seven Times (七擒孟獲)
From Chapter Eighty-Seven to Ninety. The southern barbarian king Meng Huo led an army to invade Shu. There were constant battles along the border. To find a long-term solution, Zhuge Liang led an army himself on an expedition against Meng Huo. After capturing and releasing Meng seven times, Meng finally surrendered wholeheartedly.

Very nice souvenir sheet FDC from Taiwan. I very much like this FDC.

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