Dec 10, 2009

Israel FDC on "Lighthouses In Israel"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Lighthouses In Israel

Date of Issue : 26 November 2009

The stamps in the series depict three of the lighthouses built along Israel’s southern Mediterranean coastline:

4.60 Israeli shekel : Jaffa
This 29-meter high lighthouse is built on a hilltop poised above the Jaffa Port. The Jaffa lighthouse was initially erected in 1865 as part of operations carried out by Turkish authorities to improve the port facilities. The structure appearing on the stamp was built by the British in 1936. The lighthouse’s identifying mark was four white flashes, emitted every 14 seconds. The rocks along the Jaffa shore did not allow ships to enter the port, thus passengers and cargo were offloaded at sea and transported to shore in small row boats, such as that appearing on the stamp to the right of the lighthouse.

6.70 Israeli shekel : Tel-Aviv
This lighthouse was built in the 1930’s on the beach to the north of Tel-Aviv, adjacent to the Yarkon Estuary in order to warn ships against approaching the shore, where sandbars were located. The 20-meter high lighthouse served the Tel-Aviv Port as well as the adjacent electricity plant harbor. The lighthouse’s identifying mark was two flashes (one long and one short), emitted every seven seconds.

8.80 Israeli shekel : Ashdod
This 76-meter high lighthouse is built atop Tel Yona, near the Ashdod Port. It was erected in the 1960’s as part of the construction of the port facilities. The lighthouse’s identifying mark was three white flashes, emitted every 20 seconds. Ashdod Port is Israel’s largest sea port. It is a modern facility, equipped with huge cranes and is capable of handling large cargo ships quickly and efficiently.

The stamps are very beautiful.

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