Nov 5, 2009

India FDC on "Rare Fauna of The North East"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Rare Fauna of The North East

Date of issue : 1 October 2009

500p (Left) : Red Panda
It has a rounded head ,large erct pointed ears ,a stumpy muzzle and short hairy soled legs which protect it from cold. found in Himalayan regions above 5000 feet.

500p (Top Right) : Barbe's Leaf Monkey
These are colored greyish to black with brow ,hands and Feet being black and the upper arms , legs and tail ,a silvery grey. Found in Tripura ,Cachar and Karinganj districts of Assam , and Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

500p (Lower Right) : Marbled Cat
The Cat is about the size of a domestic cat .Its Head and body length is 45-62 cm ( 18-24 “) and it weighs 2-5 Kg . Its tail is extremely long and bushy . Apart from Northern India also found in Nepal , Guangxi and Yunnan (China ) , Cambodia ,Laos, Myanamar, Thailand ,Vietnam , Malaysia , Sumatra etc.

A very nice India FDC. I very much like the stamp design.

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