Jul 31, 2009

China FDC on "Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve

Date of Issue : 25 July 2009

(On the Top FDC)
3-1 : Geladandong
Geladandong Snow Mountain, the highest in the Tanggula Mountains, is where the Tuotuo River (headstream of the Yangtze River) originates

(On the Middle FDC)
3-2 : Eling Lake
Eling Lake, the most important natural storage reservoir in the Yellow River source are, is one of the pair of largest freshwater lakes on the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the other being Zhaling Lake. The two are dubbed as "Sister Lakes at the Source of the Yellow River".

(On the Bottom FDC)
3-3 : Dza Chu
Dza Chu, the headstream of the Lancang River, converges with the Angqu River, which originates from Mt. Gangguori of the Tanggula Mountains, to form the Lancang River.

Sanjiangyuan (Source of Three Rivers) Nature Reserve, covering an area of 152,300 square kilometers in southern Qinghai Province, is so named because of its location at the headwaters of the Changjiang (Yangtze), Huanghe (Yellow) and Lancang rivers.

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