Apr 19, 2009

Macau Postage Due Cover to Taiwan

Postage Due Cover
Sobrescrito com Selos de Porteado

Macau Taiwan

Date Sent: 23 Mar 2009

Macau ATM Stamp (from Right to Left)

~~~ Ponte Flor de Lótus (Lotus Flower Bridge) MOP0.5 ATM Stamp (Issued on 01 June 1999)
~~~ Protecção do Ambiente (Environmental Protection) MOP0.5 ATM Stamp (Issued on 02 June 2002)
Património Mundial (World Heritage) MOP0.5 ATM Stamp (Issued on 31 July 2008)

Taiwan Postage Due Stamp (Top Left, Green in Colour : NT$5 ; Middle, Red in Colour : NT$1)
~~~ Issued on 12 Nov 2008

The cover above was sent from Macau Central Post Office on 23 Mar 2009 (my birthday). I just affixed 3 Macau ATM stamps with a total face value of MOP1.5 out of the normal surface mail postage of MOP3.5. I asked my friend in Taiwan to help me to pay the postage due and sent it back to me. My friend was so kind to help me to do the necessary work and affixed with 5 Taiwan postage due stamps. On the cover, you can see the round-shaped T 2.00/3.50 postmark from Macau and a rectangle-shaped T postmark from Taiwan. I think this cover is really nice. Thank You very much to my friend.

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