Mar 30, 2009

China FDC on "Selected Masterpieces of Shitao"

First Day Cover
Sobrescrito de 1.º Dia


Selected Masterpieces of Shitao

Date of Issue : 22 Mar 2009

6-1: Painting of Chaohu Lake
6-2: Painting of Enjoying Fountain Sound
6-3: Painting of Double Chrysanthemums
6-4: Painting of Plum Blossoms and Bamboos
6-5: Painting of Horse and Its Owner
6-6: Ink Painting of Lotuses

Shitao (1641 - about 1718), born in Guangxi, was China's famous painter in Qing Dynasty. His original name was Zhu Ruoji. He was known as one of the "Four Famous Monks in Early Qing Dynasty", together with Hong Ren, Kun Can and Zhu Da. Shitao was adept in painting mountains and water, flowers and figures.

Two very nice FDCs. The stamp design are very beautiful. The offical special cancellation and the special cancellation of Shanghai are nice too.

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